Freitag, 26. August 2016

Pillowtalk - Coolsims 48 (?) converted

Hey everyone,

I was perving around on Garden Of Shadows and saw someone retexturing this hair, and I loved it! It's a really nice quality mesh (as always by Anto). I usually don't dig hair that is so long but it's so smooth.

-HQ Mod compatible (it doesn't look that sharp without, sorry! :v)
-17 colors
-Polycount slightly over 20k

-Skin by 1000-formsoffear
-Eyebrows by Alf-si
-Eyes by Alf-si

Samstag, 20. August 2016

Tassel Necklace


I have unusual much free time right now, and what's a better way to waste that than with creating more Custom Content?!

I saw a similar necklace to this online and thought it was uber chic. The only time I've seen tassel being used was in my Grandparents' house.. like tableclothing and vintage stuff like that, you know?

I was trying out SRWE for this photo, and I love it! You can take pictures in such high resolution without having to snap 3 photos, editing them all together, and combining them into one. 1 of 10 does recommend.

- Necklace comes in 5 colored tassel versions
- Custom Mesh by me
- Custom Shadow Map (has a great ambient effect in my opinion)
- HQ Mod compatible (these photos were taken with it)
- Polycount: 4092, Medium


- Hair by HallowSims
- Skin by Salem (Kylie Skin)
- Freckles by PralineSims
- Eyebrows by Alf-si

Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Terms Of Use

- You may include my downloads in your sims, if you do so, link back to this post (or tag me, #whitecrowsims, on tumblr if you want me to see your posts)

- You may recolor/retexture my meshes, please take sure to remove the mesh before uploading the creation to take sure only your work is included!

- You may not use part of my textures/meshes for new creations, I do not condone that


I am using Milkshape3D, Blender, Sims4Studio, Gimp 2.8, and occasionally Sims3MultipackInstaller aswell as S3PE (for convertions only) to create my CC


My Sims are not uploaded anywhere, nor do I play on uploading them (I basically change them way too often or lose them to stick with one single Sim)


If I miss out on crediting something on my photos, please do tell me so :)

Thank you, and Happy Simming!

Wordshaker ~ Skysims 195 converted

Hey everybody, 

and welcome to my new blog.
I recently got myself into hair converting and it works out quite well.

This one is Skysims 195, and it was requested on Facebook.
It is using the SimSkin Shader, so therefore there's no alpha (would've loved to add them, but this way the braid would get fudged up).

This one comes in 14 colors, the texture is from Shock&Shame, and it is HQ compatible, too! The preview picture was taken with HQ Mod off.

- Skin by Liyahsim
- Top by Cleotopia
- Chest Tattoo by Annett's Sims 4 Welt, idk where I got the one on the arm from

Thank you, Anon.